Monday, September 6, 2010

Tony Blair in Ireland

Last weekend, Mr. Tony Blair, former Prime Minister of Great Britain, visited Ireland. The main purpose of his visit, it seems, was to promote his just published book. During the course of his visit he made an appearance on a popular television show, where he tried to ‘explain’ his reasons for invading Iraq.

The matter of his ‘conversion’ to Catholicism was also referred to, but Mr Blair did not appear to want to dwell on this too much beyond stating that he had attended at Mass for the past twenty-five years, and that his wife Cherie is a ‘Catholic’, together with their children. At the end of the show, the audience duly acclaimed his presence. Outside the television centre a number of ‘Anti-War’ protesters gathered and made him aware that they were there.

Why am I telling you all of this? It is appalling that both Mr. Blair and his wife should proclaim to the world that they are ‘Catholics’, while at the same time acting, and speaking, in their public lives, totally at variance with the teachings of the Catholic Church.

Many of the readers of this blog will no doubt also be readers of John Smeaton’s blog ( However, if you are not familiar with John’s blog, or if by any chance you may have missed his recent commentaries on Tony Blair, I strongly advise you to consult that blog so that you will see the extent to which this man has promoted the anti-life and anti-family agenda over the years, through his support and promotion of abortion, abortafacient birth-control, euthanasia, homosexual unions, embryonic stem cell research, unsuitable so-called sex education programmes in schools, etc., etc.
As John Smeaton says,
‘Indeed, Mr. Blair has refused to repudiate his record. He and his wife Cherie have continued their campaign against Catholic pro-life/pro-family teaching.’
Why should this man who, by his own admission, has ‘conceal[ed] the full truth’, and ‘ben[t] and even distort[ed] it’, be feted in Ireland, or indeed anywhere else?

It has also been reported that the signing of his book in Dublin was disrupted by the throwing of eggs and shoes causing him to abandon the entire promotional tour for the book