Saturday, May 21, 2011

Report on UPR meeting Athlone

I have previously BLOGGED on the blatantly pro-abortion report "Your Rights Right now and the attempt to pretend it has very widespread public support in Ireland see BLOGS April 20th April 28th May 18th  

I also reported that the Irish Government has initiated a consultation process in various locations in Ireland.

I now have a report from Ray McIntyre who attended the Department of Justice Public Consultation which took place this week in Athlone on the Universal Periodic Review process.
The following are extracts from Ray's address to the meeting;
I’m involved in village development and education work in South Eastern Nigeria and supporting a health clinic project in western Kenya.
I’m also concerned with the erosion of Human Dignity and the denial of Fundamental human rights to the vulnerable in our own society, the disabled, the unborn and the elderly. I’m also an employer who is conscious of how the vulnerable situation of undocumented immigrants and women expecting babies can be exploited by the unscrupulous in this dire economic environment. The number of young unemployed men ‘’dying ‘’ in my town is truly shocking and no organisation appears addressing this issue.

However before I make a proposal regarding a human rights deficiency under our present law.
I have to speak about the RightsNow report. This report I am told is nothing to do with the Government however the presence of one of the RightsNow Coalition members would suggest otherwise (referring to the Amnesty representative, Ruth Gallagher who had just made a presentation which featured a slide with reproductive rights included as an area of concern that they will focus on).
I would respectfully ask our Government Civil Servants here tonight to note the following;

A significant number of Irish NGOs have found their name associated with this report by some manner or means. According to my investigations many of them were unaware that their name was going to be used to promote abortion. Unfortunately the extremely loose endorsement process on the RightsNow website has completely diminished any impact that the many legitimate human rights concerns highlighted in the report will now have.

The RightsNow report has been cleverly compiled and promoted by a Government Minister . Media reports of the launch have given the impression that every endorsing organisation listed actually supports the entire report.
The most fundamental human right to conscientious objection is also being breeched because today I have been told that these organisations will not be permitted to have their names and their endorsements removed from the report. That their names are set in stone now on the report, this is completely outrageous.
Ray continued by telling the meeting;

Our Government representatives and Civil servants here tonight will claim that this report is nothing to do with them. Well the presence of one the RightsNow coalition members in person of the Amnesty representative giving us a presentation (including call for Abortion Rights disguised by the language of Reproductive Rights) would indicate a certain degree of collaboration behind the scenes.
Indeed Minister Lynch at the launch said that (and I quote from the Irish Council for Civil Liberties website)
Minister Lynch said .. ‘’the document will be a valuable contribution to the preparation of the National Report…I welcome the ongoing co-operation on the UPR between the Civil Society Coalition and my Department. The lines of communication
have been extremely helpful so far and can only benefit the UPR process-and indeed the country-in the long run .I welcome your experience and feedback and look forward to continuing this good working relationship and I appreciate the participation that you have offered in my own Department’s consultation process.
I am delighted to launch this document and thank you for your hard work and achievement’’

So much for independence and objectivity.

As Minister Lynch said ‘’The lines of communication
Have been extremely helpful so far and can only benefit the UPR process-and indeed the country-in the long run ‘’
Yes Minister ! This process will indeed be good for the country……

Unless of course you happen to be one our thousands of Unborn Brothers and Sisters, able-bodied or disabled, black ,brown or white.
So much for the worthy aims of inclusion and diversity.
It appears that only certain human beings may qualify for certain human rights to be allocated according to the priorities set by the Human Rights Establishment.
This Human Rights Establishment are the new arbitrators of who can live and who can be allowed to have their little tiny lives ended prematurely and violently.