Thursday, June 23, 2011

IVF objectifies children

LifeSiteNews reports (13 June) about a reproductive endoctrinologist who has realised that his work on infertility was part of the ‘increasing objectification of children’.   Anthony Caruso, a fertility expert, said that he was initially motivated to enter the field of fertility to ‘help bring happiness to an infertile married couple’.  However, he came to realise that IVF procedures contributed to the idea that ‘you can have whatever you want, wherever you want, whenever you want’.  He holds that the objectification of children is ‘part of the IVF mentality’, and that ‘aborting inconvenient children is both routine and encouraged.’  

Caruso is quoted as saying: ‘You’d be surprised how many people get to 23,
24 weeks, that used IVF, and have complications with their pregnancies.  And they say, “OK, fine.  Just let it go.”  Because essentially they can just go back and do it again.’
LifeSite continues – ‘Meanwhile, Caruso says his conversion is virtually unique among IVF practitioners in the United States, making him a pariah among colleagues.’   

Would that there were more like him!