Thursday, January 12, 2012

The need for public bodies to be caring in adversity

A little four-year-old boy who is severely disabled is being refused a ‘homecare package’ by the HSE (Health Service Executive).  John’s family, who live in Co. Tipperary, now fear that they may lose their home because of the cutbacks in the health system, as their son needs constant care and attention, which they themselves will now have to fund.   While his mother and father have devoted their lives to John there is always the necessity to avail of extra help.   
John was born prematurely, and he has cerebral palsy, he has never spoken and has constant, chronic lung infections.   He is profoundly deaf, and he has no use of his limbs.   His father says that ‘his world is through his eyes’.   John’s twin sister, happily, survived without the complications suffered by her brother.
We ask for your prayers and support for this amazing family, and that they may be granted the financial and other assistance that they so rightly deserve.
John’s mother and father are examples of the wonderful and saintly lives of so many parents in today’s world