Thursday, June 5, 2014

Nigerian Pro-Life Conference

An International pro-life conference organised by the  Catholic Bishops' Conference of Nigeria commenced this morning Thursday June 5th with a pro-life march led by the 10 Bishops who attended the conference.
The conference venue is the National Christian (Ecumenical) Centre in Abuja and the theme of International conference is 'Witnessing to the dignity of every human life'.

The Keynote address was given by His Grace the Most Reverend Ignatius Kaigama, Archbishop of Jos and President of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Nigeria.
Archbishop Kaigama told the meeting that in today's world, ' human life and the enduring values of human dignity, sancity of marriage and family life have become grossly diminished by ideologies, politicians, religious extremists and buisnessmen and businesswomen.' 'Regrettably' he said, 'human life has become cheaper than a loaf of bread'.

Archbishop Kaigama went on to say:
The situational ethic which tolerates the killing of unborn babies in the serenity of their mothers' wombs extends also to justify the murdering of other people depending on their sex, race, nationality, ethnicity, economic status, age or health condition. Are we not indundated by the loss of human lives through millions of abortions, partial birth abortions, the use of abortion causing contraceptives, sex selective abortions, abandonment of the old or terminally ill etc.. In fact the litiny of antagonistic activities against life is endless.
Other speakers today included Dr Philip Njemanze, Andrew Dernovsek and Sir David Osunde in the first session. Session 2 speakers included Bishop Badejo, Dr Henrietta Williams and Lisa Morris
Session 3 speakers included Bishop Kukah, Sr Mc Sweene, an Theresa Okafor
Day two of the conference includes speakers such as Congressman Chris Smith. We will report further on this conference and report on some of the other presentations.