Tuesday, May 22, 2012

The Demographic Bomb

We reported recently on the World Congress of Families which will take place in Madrid later this week. One of the topics to be dealt with during the Congress is the evil of population control.
This is in advance of a UN meeting the Rio+20 conference on sustainable development which will be held in Rio De Janerio next month and already UN agencies such as UNFPA are detetrmined to include population control, under various guises, in the conference as one of the ways of reducing so called global warming and its effects by decreasing human activity.
Of course when the global warming proved to be an unsustainable name it was renamed "climate change" This approach was previously put forward by the Chinese government in 2009 during a summit which took place in Copenhagen.

The coersive and draconian population control methods of the Chinese are well known and rejected by all right thinking people and yet they are now being proposed as the solution. Sadly we have heard of solutions like this before and even a so called "final solution". World governments must not go down this pathway.

The following trailer for the Demographic Bomb gives another side to the story