Thursday, May 31, 2012

Shock UK statistics show that many young women have multiple abortions

A number of sources report on recently released UKabortion statistics that dozens of women in the UK have had at least seven abortions, shocking new figures reveal today. See Independent Newspapers, Daily Mail and Wales on line
The reports suggest that  these findings will most likely reignite the debate into whether some women use abortion as a form of contraception.

In what can only be described as a shocking disregard for human life in England and Wales total there were 189,574 abortions in 2010, which was 0.3% more than in 2009 (189100). 

The age-standardised abortion rate was 17.5 per 1000 (resident) women aged between 15-44, 3% higher that the year 2000 and over double the rate recorded in 1970

When the figures are analyzed it becomes clear that many women have had multiple abortions 2,637 have had four abortions, 779 women had 5 and 214 women had 6 abortions. A total of 48 women had had seven or more abortions 
Most of these abortions were funded by the NHS, which paid for 94 per cent of all terminations.
Abortions were also performed on thousands of under-age girls. In total there were 3,823 abortions in under-16s. Of these 1,047 were the under 15s, 911 were 14 and 136 were under 14.
Girls aged 15 to 19 accounted for 39,020 abortions in 2009.

There were also 2,290 eugenic abortions (i.e. for children who would have been born disabled)
This included 775 for chromosomal abnormalities including Down's syndrome and 496 for problems with the nervous system.
Most abortions (91 per cent) were apparently  carried out at under 13 weeks gestation.