Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Prince of Liechtenstein is upholding natural justice in his threat to veto a law legalising abortion

We reported on Sept. 30th 2011 that Prince Alois of Liechtenstein threatened to use his veto power to block a proposal to legalise abortion during the first trimester of pregnancy, or if a child is severely disabled. In the event this was unnecessary because the proposal was rejected when it  came to a vote. 

The Catholic Herald reports however that there is an ongoing attempt to remove the Prince’s power of veto by holding a referendum to change the constitution and open the way to the approval of a new attempt to legislate for abortion. Under Liechtenstein’s constitution 1,500 signatures  are necessary in order to call the referendum and it appears from the article that there is a time limit on this of May 10th.

Prince Alois has, courageously said he is prepared to abdicate if this proposal is accepted.