Monday, August 9, 2010

The defence of life

Precious Life reports that: ‘An expert on family issues reminded Mexicans that the defence of life is not a religious issue and that it is based on the scientific certainty that life begins at conception.’ Accepting that ‘from the moment of conception the embryo is a person whose life must be respected and to affirm that abortion is a crime is not a question of religion, it is an argument based on science, as was demonstrated by Jerome Lejeune, doctor in medicine and science and professor of genetics.’ So wrote Lourdes Casares de Felix, of the Association in Defense of the Family, in an article published in the ‘Diario de Yucatan’. She continued:
‘It has been proven scientifically that life is there and that it is human. Here the moral or ethical question would be: Should it be allowed to put that life to death? The answer could be given by a humanist atheist. Amidst the lack of scientific arguments for promoting abortion, the tactic of blaming religion is always used. … The tragedy of abortion not only lies in stripping the unborn of rights, or in the refusal to recognize the unborn as the persons they are, or in accepting or denying their ability to feel pain or pleasure … the tragedy is the sad dehumanisation of the human being determined to destroy the lives of defenceless beings by denying them the chance to live.’