Friday, August 13, 2010

Proposition 8

You will probably have read, or heard, about the recent striking down of ‘Proposition 8’ in the State of California, in the U.S. Under ‘Proposition 8’, marriage is defined as the union of one man and one woman and, therefore, same-sex ‘marriage’ is illegal. The people of California, in voting to support this Proposition in 2008, voted to uphold the sacredness of marriage. The homosexual and lesbian agenda was furious at this decision, and ever since they have been working to secure the overturning of Proposition 8.

Tradition, Family and Property says that the ruling ‘unmasks how the homosexual movement’s promotion of same-sex “marriage” deprives marriage of its rational end, belittles a higher moral law and disregards the majority of California[ns] who hold marriage to be sacred.’ It is noteworthy, too, that in each of the thirty-one U.S. states in which the issue of homosexual attempts to hijack marriage has been put before the people in a vote, true marriage has prevailed, and there has been no popular support for what is euphemistically called homosexual ‘marriage’.

It is not only in the United States, however, that the homosexual agenda is working hard to undermine marriage and the family. No sooner was the notorious ‘Civil Partnership and Certain Rights and Obligations of Cohabitants Act 2010’ signed into law by the President of Ireland, than the Leader of the Green Party, Mr. John Gormley, stated publicly that ‘gay marriage’ is ‘a goal’ of his Party. The Green Party was the chief proponent in government of the Act that will now grant to homosexuals and lesbians the rights and privileges heretofore reserved to married couples. Mr. Gormley went on to say that in relation to the passing of the Act into law:
‘We take pride in what we have all achieved today, conscious of the fact that tomorrow we continue the fight towards the final goal of full marriage equality. … As a married man, it strikes me that one of the most basic elements of a permanent relationship is the right of the two persons involved to stand before their family, their friends and before the State and be able to officially proclaim they have come together as two persons in love, to live their lives as one.’
The same Mr.Gormley considers that ‘it would be healthy’ if Christian churches saw that the Act ‘does not directly challenge the traditional understanding of marriage in Ireland’, and ‘recognised the good of this legislation.’

Under the heading ‘1968ers sexualised children to avoid “bourgeois” shame culture’,
the Irish Times carried a horrific article earlier this month. The writer describes, sometimes in graphic detail, the sexual abuse of children by adults during that era. The Green Party ‘leading light’, Daniel Cohn-Bendit, is described as being one of those involved in this movement, although at a later date he actually admitted that the child sexual revolution was perhaps ‘a step too far’.
I wonder if Mr. Gormley might take time out from his enthusiastic support of homosexual practices (essential to recognition under the terms of the ‘Civil Partnership …Act’ legislation) to read the Irish Times article? He would probably say that that Green Party is not the same as his Green Party – but I thought that all Green Parties have a common goal to save the environment and the earth and the animals, and cut down on carbon footprints and … promote the ‘rights’ of homosexuals, etc. Maybe this is one of the reasons behind the most recent Government plan to ‘educate’ the people of rural Ireland on the merits of homosexuality and to promote the homosexual ideology.

The Family Education Trust published a valuable study, entitled The Fight for the Family – The Adults Behind Children’s Rights, by Lynette Burrows, in 1998. The booklet, owing to its popularity, was revised and reprinted in 1999. It is essential reading for all those who are interested in the ‘children’s rights’ agenda, and the inter-relation of this agenda with the homosexual movement.