Friday, August 6, 2010

Over 1000 11 year old girls in UK on the pill

The Telegraph newspaper has reported (1 August 2010) that:
‘More than 1,000 girls in the first year of secondary school have been given prescriptions for the pill, according to figures from GPs, while a further 200 have long-term injectable or implanted contraceptive devices. The disclosure prompted warnings that Britain was “facilitating the sexualisation of young people at an ever younger age.”’
It seems that the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence has recently promoted the idea that sex education should be introduced for schoolchildren from as young as five years old.

The Chairman of the Christian Medical Fellowship, who is a GP in the London area, has voiced his concern about these plans. ‘If sex education is introduced in primary schools in the way being proposed’, he stated,
‘we will see many more 11-year-old girls seeking contraception without pointing out the risks. … We are going to make matters worse.’
And the authorities in the UK would have us believe that they worry about the soaring numbers of pregnancies among young people, and about the rising numbers of abortions?