Wednesday, July 27, 2011

DANA for President?

According to recent media reports we may see the name Dana Rosemary Scallon on the ballot paper as a candidate in the Presidential Election next November.
TV3 Report that Dana is currently considering her position with regards to this election

Miriam Lord writing in the Irish Times had this to say;

Meanwhile, strong but unconfirmed reports are reaching us about Dana Rosemary Scallon, who polled well when she ran for the presidency 14 years ago.

She was also one of the two politicians who tried but failed to challenge Mary McAleese’s uncontested return to the Áras last time out, the other being the former Green Party minister Eamon Ryan.

We hear that her supporters have been taking soundings about her prospects. Apparently she fared well in a private poll they conducted, so don’t be surprised if she throws her hat into the ring again.

 In1997 Dana made history by receiving the nominations of five county councils. While this was a constitutionally legitimate means of gaining nomination to compete for the presidency, the approach was unprecedented before her campaign. In the election she campaigned for family values, protecting the Irish Constitution and on Pro-Life issues.

In the election Dana came 3rd beating the Labour, Democratic Left and Green candidate Adi Roche with 13.8 % of the vote, 175,458. Our current President Mary McAleese won that election.

In the 1999 European Elections she become an MEP for Connacht–Ulster,
She continued the fight for Ireland and the impoverished West coast of Ireland over in Europe, as her record showed.

Dana narrowly lost her European Parliament seat in 2004. In both Lisbon Treaty debates she supported the No side of the debates. She knew exactly what Lisbon would mean for Ireland in terms of loss of sovereignty on many fronts

Dana's record speaks for itself. She's not afraid to stand up for what is right and she is certainly not afraid to stand up for her country her believes or the disenfranchised