Monday, July 4, 2011

Media bias in Rally for Life reporting

I have BLOGGED previously on media bias when it comes to the issue of the protection of unborn human life and sadly media reports on this years rally for life in Dublin are no different. 

The RTE Six One News (Saturday, 2 July 2011) wrongly stated that around 2,000 people had attended the 'Rally for Life' in Dublin. The actual attendance was very much greater and obviously so. According to Garda estimates the attendance was 8,000 -- four times the amount stated by RTE in its news bulletin. This information was readily available at the time of delivery of the news bulletin so the question arises, how could RTE have got it so wrong? The rally was not mentioned in the 9 o’clock (21.00) news.

To add to the foregoing the RTE News website AND their ‘Aertel’ site state the following:
"Thousands take part in anti-abortion march
Around 5,000 people have taken part in a 'Rally for Life in Dublin..."

The figure quoted on the web page is certainly higher than on the Six One News but is still grossly inaccurate, which leads one to suspect that the person or persons moderating the news are being swayed by their own personal sentiments on these issues or by RTE policy. Needless to say they have a responsibility to tell the truth in the news... not to communicate inaccuracies, or to allow potential personal prejudices or agendas of journalists or editors to interfere with the facts. As a State media organization RTE are expected to accurately portray the facts and figures.

The pro-abortion organizations organized a counter demonstration calling for the largest turnout ever but ended up with a very small attendance. Media estimates put their attendance at 300 but this seems high, nevertheless they were given roughly 50% of the coverage despite that fact. The so-called pro-choice group some of whom had American accents hurled abuse at the pro-lifers as they passed.

Alarmingly, Justice Minister Alan Shatter interviewed on RTE radio's Sunday news at 1pm, when asked to comment about the large ''Prolife rally yesterday'' in the context of the ECHR judgement and the Government's response to it, said ''well there were two demonstrations in Dublin yesterday '' and we'll have to take all sides into account.

We say no Minister Shatter you cannot ever take the killing of innocent human life into account except to condemn it. Suppose the question related to the killing of two year olds would you agree to take it into account? I think not. A human life is a human life irrespective of whether it is in the womb or has already been born.