Friday, July 29, 2011

Towards a new Civilisation of Love: Parents the Primary Educators and Protectors of their children.

I blogged previously on the Moscow Demographic Summit but I want to return to it to publicise a wonderful Paper given at the Summit by Dr Thomas Ward, founder and currently Vice-President of the National Association of Catholic Families (NACF). Dr Ward spoke at the conference as a representative of the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC) 
Towards a new Civilisation of Love: Parents the Primary Educators and Protectors of their children.
Mr Chairman, Ladies and Gentlemen, the Civilisation of Love based on our families beckons us.
The Culture of Death is, of its nature, moribund. Its geopolitical epicentre is England where, increasingly, it is being resisted. 
Since 1967 our Society for the Protection of Unborn Children (SPUC), the largest pro-life organisation in Europe has shown that, even in England, pro-life lobbying and legal interventions work.
·      SPUC prevented the extension of the 1967 Abortion Act to Northern Ireland
·      and has stopped Parliament from greatly extending it in England .
·      SPUC stopped the introduction of compulsory sex 'education' from the age of five…
·      SPUC led a successful campaign throughout the 47 nations of the Council of Europe to overturto then a report aimed at abolishing conscientious objection on abortion, euthanasia, IVF and contraception.
English liberalism
With Malthus's hostility to population growth, Darwin's 'survival of the fittest' and Galton's formulation of eugenics English liberalism [h]as been the seedbed of the eugenics movement.
Crucially, in 1930, without precedent in the history of Christianity the Church of England permitted the use of contraceptives at the discretion of married couples. The present Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury has stated that therefore the validity of non-procreative sex must be acknowledged and intimate same-sex relations could not be absolutely condemned.
When the BBC asked the current Catholic Archbishop of Westminster if the Catholic Church would not have to sanction 'gay unions' he replied that he did not know!
This unopposed moral relativism has consequences:
·      The premature sexualisation of children is widespread but is being increasingly opposed by parents.
·      40% of girls aged 15 or younger have sexual intercourse- the highest in Europe as is our teenage pregnancy and abortion rate.
·      45% of children are illegitimate
·      In spite of high quality studies which show that parental notification reduces under-age abortion government agencies which provide children under 16 with access to abortion and contraceptives without parental knowledge go into many schools, including Christian schools with the knowledge of Church authorities but opposed by parents.
·      The mean number of sexual partners nationally is 9
·      Marriages down by 50%.
·      Abortions 7 million since 1967 and legal up to birth
·      Since the first IVF child born in England 2,000,000 embryos have been destroyed
·      400,000 human beings, equal to the total populations of Cambridge, Oxford and York are annually destroyed by abortion and in the course of IVF.
·      We were the first to legalise the creation of and experimentation on human/animal hybrids.
·      Hospital staff who called patients who resist euthanasia 'coffin dodgers' have been denounced by an English Russian Orthodox priest.
·      In the Sexual Orientation Regulations a legal infrastructure has been laid down for a massive attack on the authentic Christian teaching on human sexuality, marriage and the family. Draconian penalties have removed the civil rights of millions of Christians e.g. Catholic adoption agencies have been legally suppressed because they refuse to sanction homosexual adoptions.
·      Family breakdown costs £20 billion per year only 14 billion less than defence.
·      Our Abortion Law was the model for the quarter of the world, our former Empire, which share Common Law.
·      The Headquarters of the International Planned Parenthood Federation and Marie Stopes International are in London.
·      Our Foreign Office promotes world-wide homosexual law reform which will inevitably penalize parental opposition to homosexual indoctrination of children in schools and silence many Churches.

In1922 Lenin called a meeting of Marxist intellectuals to study why the Bolshevik Revolution had not spread to the West. Under Stalin they fled first to Frankfurt, the Frankfurt School and later to the US where they used its vast commercial, academic and media resources to spread their quiet worldwide revolution.
·      To impose the dictatorship of the proletariat they proposed that sexual instinct should be used as an instrument of destruction and that, intellectuals should be organised and used to make Western civilisation 'stink'.
·      Our culture had to be destroyed through the use of negative destructive criticism in all spheres of life.
·      Hope based on the belief in God was to be destroyed.
·      Our Judaeo-Christian legacy, our culture and our families including the right of Primary Educator had to be destroyed.
This cocktail of 'Cultural Marxism' and 'Eugenic liberalism, the Culture of Death is not only a culture of physical death but, more profoundly, through the eroticisation and moral corruption of children it is a culture of spiritual death.
We Christians, East and West must replace it with a civilisation of love.
The first step is to restore to parents their right to educate their children in conformity with their moral and religious convictions. Parents are the primary educators of their children.
This God given right is fundamental, inalienable and irreplaceable. It is founded upon their transmission of life to and their love for their child.
·      Homes where children learn to love by knowing that their parents love them are the schools of this Civilisation.
·      A mother who values her maternal vocation and her importance in the home nurtures the femininity and future motherhood in her daughters. She sets a clear, strong and attractive example of womanhood for her sons.
·      The dignified and masculine behaviour of fathers is a model for their sons. It inspires respect, admiration and security in their daughters.
·      Children naturally absorb sound attitudes on love, marriage and the true meaning of human sexuality from their parents.
·      Each child has his or her own rate of maturation.
·      Children should be individually taught the truth about sexuality by their parents who alone are in the position to know what, when and how.
·      Teaching modesty and chastity will help them to build their own beautiful families.
The artificial separation of the unitive and procreative, aspects of the conjugal act in contraception, in vitro-fertilisation and homosexual acts damages the deepest truth of sexual intercourse itself. This and the evil of abortion should be sensitively taught.
·      Pray together and encourage your children to intensify their Christian lives. Only then will they will have the necessary courage to give witness to their faith and morals.
·      Forbid any instruction on sexuality, which may damage your child's innocence.
·      Form associations of families.
·      Encourage your clergy to see the vital relationship between the family and the Church.
In conclusion.
There is no alternative to the Civilisation of Life.
It is possible to build this civilisation.
The Civilisation of Love is God's civilization
It is your civilisation.