Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Irish abortion statistics

European Life Network has welcomed the drop in the latest Irish abortion figures released by the British Department of Health. The recently released 2011 figures show that the number of Irish women travelling to Britain for abortions has once again decreased, for the tenth consecutive year. 

The figures show that in 2011, 4,149 Irish women travelled to Britain for abortions, down from 4,402 in 2010 and 4,422 in 2009.  The 2011 figures show a marked decrease over previous years. 2011 is the tenth consecutive year that Irish abortions have declined and represents a 38% decline since the high of 6,673 Irish abortions in 2001.

Needless to say however while this reduction is to be welcomed, the fact that over 4100 babies lives were terminated in 2011 is a significant tragedy and more must be done to ensure that every baby who is conceived will be brought to birth and welcomed into our society.

Attitudes, which foster the idea of abortion as any kind of a solution to pregnancy must be firmly rejected and perpetrators and facilitators of this barbaric act who operate under the guise of caring for women, must be exposed.  Abortion is big business.