Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Youth Defence rolls out its pro-life billboard campaign

Youth Defence in what they describe as, “The Better Answer campaign”, have rolled out the first phase of their pro-life billboard campaign over the last few weeks. There are almost 100 of these billboards in Dublin and over 200 advertisements in the Luas tram system, as well as free-standing ‘Metropanels’, and ‘Transvision’ screens which is basically a short video displayed on huge screens in major public transport stations in the city. There are also have 200 exterior Dublin Bus advertisements. Phase 2 of the campaign will extend the Billboards, Metropanels’, and ‘Transvision’ screens  to the rest of Ireland

The campaign has already been featured in the Irish Times, Independent, Evening Herald, The Daily Mail, and the popular Huffington Post, as well as on radio. Feedback so far from the public has been excellent! People, who are constantly bombarded with an anti-life agenda from the media, are glad to finally see a pro-life message out there. 

The campaign is not without controversy however and the pro-abortion movement has not wasted time in attacking it, both in the media and by defacing some of the billboards

Youth Defence has said that attempts by abortion campaigners to vandalise their pro-life billboards were "pathetic and smacked of desperation", the statement continued that after two weeks of blustering, threats and hot air, a small group of left wing activists had eventually caused minimum damage to just two or three of more than 300 pro-life adverts around Dublin.

Niamh Ui Bhriain of the Life Institute said that the extreme reaction of abortion campaigners was indicative of the mindset of people who did not want to debate the issue but preferred to resort to vandalism. "They've failed to win over the Irish people and want to censor the pro-life message instead," she said. "They won't succeed.