Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Response to Irish Times pro-abortion opinion piece by Ivana Bacik

Now that the new "expert group" has been appointed by the Irish Government to make recommendations on the abortion issue in the Republic of Ireland various opinion pieces have appeared in the Irish Times.
The most recent article published in the Irish Times on Feb.6th was from the pen of pro-abortion Senator Ivana Bacik.
Bacik in her article completely ignores the existence and the humanity of the baby in the womb .
The following letter is a response from one of my colleagues, Ray Mc Intyre, to the Bacik article. 
Sir,- Ivana Bacik (Opinion 6th February) appeals to the Irish Government to ''act swiftly to confront the reality of crisis pregnancy in Ireland''. Yet she herself refuses to confront and acknowledge the shocking ''reality'' of the ultimate fate of the 100,000 entirely innocent, tiny human beings, male and female who have made a one way trip abroad since abortion was legalised in the UK in 1967.In a glaring omission she refuses to even acknowledge the ''reality'' of the traumatic toll that abortion takes on the subsequent mental health of women and men. Report after report including Professor David Fergusson's 30 year longitudinal study of abortion and mental health disorders reveal that post traumatic stress and serious mental health issues are increasingly being recognised in post abortive women. The negative psychological toll on men is also increasingly hard for the abortion lobby to simply ignore like it doesn't exist.
The Irish abortion lobby asks us to consider ''our sisters, mothers and daughters'' and their lonely trips to the UK; yet they studiously ignore any reflection on our tiny innocent daughters, sons, nieces, nephews, grandsons and granddaughters that we will never know or see grow up.
If 4400 Irish citizens were being killed in horrific road accidents each year then the Government and civil society would act swiftly in unison to reduce and ultimately end this barbaric death toll unworthy of a modern Republic. Yet Ivana Bacik's solution to the ''reality of crisis pregnancy'' is to legalise and facilitate the lethal assault on the innocent unborn Irish citizen in their mother's womb. The solution to the reality of crisis pregnancy is to spare no effort as a nation to tackle and terminate ''the crisis'' not to eliminate with lethal efficiency the tiny human being in the womb. Somewhere a faceless UK Abortion technician stops one Irish heart beating and breaks another over 4000 times every year,12 times every day; and that is the ''reality'' that I would challenge Senator Bacik to acknowledge and to consider a real solution for which embraces crisis pregnancy compassionately and holistically.- Yours,etc,