Friday, February 10, 2012

Threat of the Childrens' Rights referendum

Patrick Mc Crystal of Human Life International Ireland HLI (Ireland) has a startling full page advertisment in this month’s issue of the Alive newspaper. You can view the advertisement on this link:
Whether one agrees or disagrees with Patrick there is no doubt that there is an ongoing atttack on the family
in the economic, social, religious and the education spheres. It is also evident that this is happening throughout Europe.

Patrick also writes  

I can’t stand by and do nothing!

You may already have seen our full-page ad exposing the evils of the so-called Children’s “rights” movement in Ireland on rear of the Alive! newspaper this month.
In this ad, I have gone public on the horrendous threat this profoundly dangerous ideology represents.
The evils inherent in the so-called United Nations Convention on Rights of the Child have bothered me for years.
It is seeking to wrest utter control from parents and allow State takeover of any child – forced if necessary - at a whim.
This applies to any child, not just a neglected child.

Parents seem to be utterly oblivious!
I have been watching this deeply insidious movement in Ireland for some time.
Representatives from Barnardos, the ISPCC and others have been aggressively campaigning for a referendum. These groups have received millions of tax-payers money and would be set to receive a lot more if a referendum were passed.
            Changes to our Constitution are necessary to enact this legislation.
However, such groups haven’t been telling the Irish public the whole story.

A Global Movement:  This U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) has been signed up to by every country of the world except two: the U.S.A. and Somalia. 
It is the most widely signed-up to piece of legislation in the world.
Ireland signed up to it and ratified it in 1992, without even consulting the people!
            Disturbingly, this U.N. convention is in severe conflict with the Irish Constitution!   
Any country that ratifies it is legally bound to implement all its provisions.
It grants MASSIVE power to the State over the lives of private citizens.
What’s wrong with it?  Under this UNCRC, the State decides what is in the “best interest” of the child, not the parent.  If a parent is deemed to in any way subject a child to even “mental” abuse, let alone any other, or a child is deemed to be “discriminated” against, then that child can be removed from its parents.
Article 2 of the UNCRC indicates that irrespective of the parent’s religion, political or other opinion, the State must ensure each child doesn’t endure what it deems “discrimination” of any kind. 
What about a Catholic parent teaching the Church’s teaching on homosexual practice?  Such a parent would be deemed to be “discriminating” against their child.
What if a parent didn’t wish the child to have information on contraception, access to paedophilic “chat” internet rooms or other information?  Or wished to restrict who their child associated with if concerned about bad influences. 
Such parental restrictions would be “discrimination”.  The parent’s wishes would be over-ridden, as the child would have “freedom of association” as well as the “freedom to seek, receive and impart information and ideas of all kinds regardless of frontiers! (article 13)

“Protect” children from parents Unbelievably, article 2 states that children should be “protected” from “discrimination” or “punishment” arising from their parents beliefs, opinions or activities.  What about a parent refusing to cater to the whim of a child?  What about a child needing disciplined? What about a parent wanting to teach the ten commandments?
In Sweden, children are often in open conflict with their parents if the child’s wishes are not catered for.
Full provision is made in the UNCRC for removal of children from any parent in the  “best interest” of the child – should the State see fit! (articles 19, 20)
It is a formula for sheer societal anarchy – with those espousing Catholicism / Christian principles one of the principal losers!

Who will decide? The phrase “Children’s rights” is a deceptive façade.  It is not really about “rights” for the child.  It is about who will decide – the State or the parent?
Not only that, but based on the most recent released wording from our government for a possible referendum, all powers in this respect will be removed from the courts and placed exclusively into the hands of the Oireachtas!  
Parents would then have no recourse to the Courts, as all power would rest with the Oireachtas!

Atheistic Communism Please realise I am NOT exaggerating anything.
One Swedish international human rights lawyer tells me that the situation there is awful.  It is one of “unspeakable tyranny” for parents, particularly for who wish to rear their children to Christian principles. 
Thousands of children have been taken into care.  This lawyer told me Sweden is essentially a Communist State, with State takeover of children.
Parents are being reported on by their children, children are being put into care and/ or parents face imprisonment if they do not comply. 

Novena to Holy Face: As this monstrous attempted power grab by the State draws closer, amongst many responses, we must turn to God.
This thing is simply too big to be dealt with on a human level.
HLI Ireland launches this week a nine-day novena to the Holy Face of Jesus?  Shrove Tuesday is Feast of the HOLY FACE! 
Order a copy from our website.
The Holy Face devotion was revealed to Sister Mary of St Peter to precisely counteract Atheistic Communism.
Heaven surely knew what was coming upon the world under the guise of atheistic communism. In 1937, Pope Pius XI released his encyclical Divini Redemptoris, when he described the attack of atheistic communism on the world and what can be done about it.
Let’s pray for the downfall of the Children’s Referendum / legislation! Let’s seek God’s Face in a special way on Shrove Tuesday and indeed the rest of Lent.  God’s power can do it!

PS: Come to our excellent family conference in Green Isle Hotel, Dublin on Sunday 11th March 2012!
In response to this threat of “children’s rights” –  and also in celebration of 30th anniversary of Pope John Paul II’s encyclical Familiaris Consortio  ( On the Role of the Modern family in the Modern World) - we are co-sponsoring an exciting conference “Where is the Catholic family going in the Modern World?”
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It is important to meet regularly and be refreshed in the truths of what we believe in and catch up with what your old acquaintances are up to and meet some new!
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