Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Important Conference on Restorative Reproductive Medicine

The International Institute of Restorative Reproductive Medicine (IIRRM) has announced that it will host the first European based conference of, in Dublin Ireland on Saturday 26th March.

The meeting will be held in the Health Sciences Building in University College Dublin from 9am until 5.30pm.

IIRRM have arranged a host of international experts presenting at the meeting, from the USA, Poland, France and Spain as well as Ireland.

Of particular interest, Professor Joe Stanford will present the concept of "Restorative Reproduction" and outline the scientific reasons why this approach is better suited to tackling the problem of infertility.

Professor Farr Curlin from the University of Chicago will deliver a lecture on the topical issue of "Doctor conscience and patient care - Does society need doctors to say no?" Professor Curlin gave compelling logical arguments in favour of protecting a doctor’s conscience to the Presidents Council on Bioethics in the USA in Sept 2008. He is happy to share is insights and thoughts with us on this complex issue.

The conference will end with a presentation by Dr. Tadeusz Wasilewski who is a fertility expert with 14 years of experience in IVF prior to changing to a restorative approach to infertility using NaProTechnology in Jan 2009.

There are a variety of other interesting presentations - 12 talks in agenda, which also includes time for questions and social interaction

The conference will be followed by a conference Dinner in the Burlington hotel that evening from 8pm.

Conference costs vary depending on membership or non-membership of the IIRRM. Attendance by the members of the public is 75 Euro if booked before March 12th otherwise it will be 85 Euro.
The cost of the Conference dinner is an additional 45 Euro

For full details and early online registration use the following link. www.fertilitycare2011.com