Monday, February 7, 2011

Pro-Life Demonstration against Irish Labour party threat to introduce abortion

Following the ‘ABC’ case, brought before the European Court of Human Rights recently (please see my blogs for 11 January 2011, and 29, 17 and 16 December 2010) the Labour Party in Ireland, as previously reported, announced that if they succeed in being part of the next government here they will introduce laws to allow for abortions to be carried out in Ireland.

In response to this declaration on the part of the Labour Party, Youth Defence arranged a huge demonstration and protest at the local Labour Party constituency offices at Booterstown, on the outskirts of Dublin city, on Saturday last.     Young people, and not so young people, children, babies in prams and buggies, came from many parts of Ireland – north, south, east and west – to give their support to the ‘call to arms’ on behalf of unborn children.   Placards and posters carrying different messages, such as ‘Gilmore: No abortion here’ (Eamon Gilmore is the Leader of the Labour Party), and others warning that Party not to interfere with Ireland’s pro-life laws, etc., were prominently displayed by those present, who lined the footpaths on both sides of the road and also a large traffic island in the middle of the road.  A long banner was held aloft by five or six young people, and this declared the message that abortion must not be introduced into Ireland against the will of the people –
‘NOT IN MY NAME’ is what motorists and bus passengers saw in large lettering as they passed by.   
There was an extremely busy two-way flow of traffic at the meeting point – which also has an intersection, resulting in traffic being constantly delayed by traffic lights, thus giving everyone a great opportunity to see the pro-life messages.   

Although the rain was falling fairly continuously it did not deter the pro-life people – it never does!