Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Irish General Election Candidates

Following the major intervention by pro-life organisations last week Fine Gael and Fianna Fail have both clarified their positions on the right to life of the unborn but some crucial questions still remain unanswered.  Whilst there are many pro-life candidates in the main parties clearly some are pro-abortion and it is therefore desirable that all candidates should be asked where they stand on this vital issue even if their leaders say the party will adopt a pro-life stance.

The Labour party has maintained its pro-abortion stance and has lost considerable support

Apart from the political parties there are a number of pro-life candidates in various constituencies mostly independents but there is also a group of 8 candidates standing for the Christian Solidarity Party

We asked readers recently to let us know which candidates in their area are pro life, we have set out a list below of those names we have received to date. We will carry out a final review of the list immediately prior to the election in case there are others who should be included

Cork South
Dave McInerney (IND)
Gerard P Dolan (IND)

Dublin North Central
Raymond Whitehead (IND)
Paul Clarke (IND)

Dublin South Central:
Gerry Kelly (IND)

Kerry/ North West
Michael Reidy (IND)

Kerry South
Richard Behal (IND)

Mary Fitzgibbon (IND)

Con Cremin (IND)

Martin Daly (IND)

Declan Waters Independent Pro-Life Christian Democrat

Jim Feely (IND)
Charlie Keddy  (IND)

The following are Christian Solidarity candidates

Dublin Central
Paul O’Loughlin
087 9130869

Dublin Northwest
Michael Larkin

Cork North Central
Harry Rea

Dublin South
Jane Murphy

Dublin South Central
Colm Callanan

DĂșn Laoghaire
Daire Fitzgerald

Limerick City
Conor O’Donoghue
087 2815267

Meath West
Manus Mac Meanmain
087 1605912